Who We Are

Members Past and Present

Aneeka Makwana
Freelance Graphic Designer
Favourite V&A Object: Peacock Amongst the Ruins
I joined CreateVoice in July 2010 as an intern and subsequently signed up as a member to get a greater understanding of the forum and what they do. As part of my work experience, I was set a live project to create an identity for CreateVoice which lead on to a more consultative role; I showed the progress of my work to members at the meetings and took on their feedback to improve it, ensuring that it was reflective of the group. Recently I organised the CreateLate...Graphics event at the museum, which was a collaboration between CreateVoice and students from the BA Graphic Design course at Camberwell College of Arts. As a recent graduate, I’m now exploring different facets of art and design to get a greater understanding of where I’d fit in the industry; from working with other members and staff at the museum to collaborations with other practitioners.

Jessica Starns
Intern at the Photography and the Archive Research Centre
Favourite V&A Object: I haven’t found it yet but the V&A is my favourite museum for its varied collections in art and design. But I really enjoyed going to Blythe House and being able to explore the archives and being able to sit and look up at the architecture in the John Madejski Garden as there is so much to see.
I joined Createvoice in April 2012. I studied photography at University to degree level and whilst at University I realised that working in a museum would be my ideal career option through doing an extension studies course called ‘Breaking into the V&A’. Since then I have been doing internships so one day I will have a career as an archivist. I joined because Createvoice will be an invaluable experience for opportunities, as you get to meet professionals who work outside and inside the V&A, help to curate events, and learn new things; so far I have helped come up with ideas for the fashion festival, In July 2012 I helped out on the evening of the ‘CreateLate…Graphics’ event and spent a day helping the artists in residents Rio Occupation. I also enjoy the social aspect of CreateVoice, as it encourages you to make friends with the                                                                                                                         same interests. 

Student, Art & Design enthusiast, Fashion fanatic
Favourite V&A Object: The Auspicious Cloud of the Oriental. I had admired this dress before it came to the museum. A contemporary piece, the dress reminds viewers of China’s rich history. It also counteracts the conceptions many now have of ‘Made in China’ clothing (and other items). 
One of London’s best features is its museums, my favourite from the plethora being the V&A. It has an abundance of creative inspiration, I always find myself enthralled with something new after visiting. I joined CreateVoice to really get involved with the museum. Still only a new member, I already feel like an established one, due to the warm welcome from the others. Very quickly I’ve found myself being involved (this blog being one of the doings). It’s great to be around ambitious and actively creative people. The guests that CreateVoice has are not the only inspiring ones, the other members are too! I hope to gain a greater knowledge of the artistic world while a I’m a member and continue having fun!

Rupinder Garcha
Favourite V&A Object: Malcolm Sayer 1961 E-type Jaguar, on display as part of the British Design exhibition
I joined CreateVoice in January, after seeing a tweet about the group! CreateVoice offers young people a unique opportunity to get involved with the V&A, by allowing us to collaborate with museum professionals and other industry experts. Through CreateVoice, I’ve been able to work with other members to develop and run events for other young people interested in creative arts

Laura Blair
Student (BA English at Queen Mary University of London), freelance writer & photographer
Favourite V&A Object: A diptych pendant made in Germany in the 15th Century. The detail is so amazing and has lasted over five hundred years. I came across it whilst researching devotional aids as part of my first year course on Medieval religious writings and its beauty has stuck with me ever since.
The V&A is the most famous museum of art and design in the world - as an art and design enthusiast there’s nowhere more appropriate for me to spend my spare time. Before studying English I completed a Fine Art Foundation course, and I’ve kept my interest in art whilst studying English as the two are so interlinked. After a visit to the museum for a lecture on the refurbished Medieval galleries, I was fascinated by the work behind the scenes at the museum; once I found out about CreateVoice there was no going back! I love working with a group of people who are as passionate about the museum as I am and it’s given me some amazing opportunities to get involved with events and encourage other young people to participate. In my free time I work as the Photography Editor for my university’s magazine, CUB; Designer for the Literature Society; and Designer and Photographer for the Raise and Give charity group, amongst other                                                                                                                        things! One day I hope to make a living doing what I love best - taking pictures and writing about the
                                                                                                                experiences that they came from.

Rachel May, 18
Favourite V&A Object: The School of Athens 
I first got involved with CreateVoice in February 2011, after having attended a photography workshop at the V&A and receiving the CreateVoice newsletter, I decided I’d pop along to a Friday Forum. CreateVoice is a really exciting initiative to be a part of: I have loved being a member, as it’s a really fun way to participate with museum life, and the V&A is such an amazing institution! CreateVoice has provided some amazing opportunities for me, helping out with the Youth Fashion Festival has been fun; meetings with the museum’s Director have been incredibly inspiring and unique; but I most enjoyed the opportunity of a TeenTalk, which was a brilliant opportunity provided by CreateVoice to interact directly with the art and the lovely visitors! Feel free to follow me on twitter, or contact to find out more about #CreateVoice.

Kerry Campbell
Freelance Artist
Favourite V&A Object:
University of Reading BA Fine Art graduate, passionate about the importance of accessibility to arts and arts education particularly for young people. The founder/ curator of 'The Midas Touch' an accessible exhibition platform in Luton, which serves as an antidote to the constant derision of the town.

Yashraj Jain, Freelance artist
Twitter @YashrajYwhacky
Favourite V&A Object: Bocci's chandelier
A native from Bali, Rajasthan, has been interested in the arts since he was a child. Pursuing this vocation in his free time he regularly attends cultural events whenever he can. He graduated from the University of Westminster in 2011, and is an avid traveller and hopes to register for an art course in Florence one day.
He recently designed costumes for Copacabana, the University of Westminster’s musical production and has been a part of the V&A’s youth collective, CreateVoice since November 2012. He enjoys thinking out of the box and looks at the world through his aesthetic lens. He loves creating simple illustrations, portraits and ambigrams. You may often find him rummaging vintage shops, day dreaming, doodling or star-gazing; that is only if he is not at home, baking!

Katrina Too
Marketing Officer
A nomadic chameleon, overwhelmed sponge and curious ball of oxymoron are keywords that summarise myself in 2012. A graduate from University of Melbourne and currently employed by a marketing trade assocation in London, I am ever intrigued by life forms & behaviour, art and nature. 
Having free-lanced with timepiece and high jewellery magazine Revolution and women's fashion magazine/portals such as Style, MSN Malaysia and xinMSN, I desire to shift my experiences beyond fashion, focussing on creative collaborations and curating conceptual projects that serve no boundaries.
I believe that CreateVoice turns the impossible to do-ables through opening many new doors for young individuals like myself hence helping us grow within art circles and talent networks. The youth forum is working increasingly well at bringing together like-minded mix of blood who have the ability to collectively drive major changes.

Jazmine Rocks
Style blogger, freelance stylist and part time sales assistant
Favourite V&A Object: Strawberry Thief  by William Morris
The Victoria and Albert Museum has always been one of my favourite places to visit, so to work so closely alongside the museum with other creative individuals is ever so lovely. Since joining CreateVoice two years ago, I’ve worked with other members and professionals to develop ideas and discuss ways to improve the V&A for young people, curated events, and had the opportunity to attend a young people’s conference in Kolkata, India. When I’m not wandering around the museum or working in my favourite store, I also write a personal style blog where I share my secondhand finds, what I’ve been wearing and details of my daily life. Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you’d like to find out more about me or CreateVoice! 

Ayesha Singh
Sculpture Student at the Slade School of Fine Art
Favorite V&A object: Steel sword; the level of detail and precision in design and implementation is what draws me to this object. Even though it is no longer in display at the museum, it is one I revisit several times through the V&A website.
I joined CreateVoice in Febuary 2012 and ever since have found various sources of inspiration for my own artwork through the workshops, tours and events held for us. I had joined in hope to gain insight into the workings of the art world, especially artist-museum relationships and CreateVoice has enabled me to explore this field further. Being a student of painting and sculpture CreateVoice has given me the right platform for motivation and to research art as I get to spend time familiarizing myself with V&A’s extensive collection of artworks and objects, meet and work with the artists in residence and the V&A                                                                                                                             staff; and be able to participate in the planning and implementation of events for this prestigious                                                                                                                                   museum. At the V&A each month has been an exciting one with lots of activities for us to participate in,                                                                                                                         organise and write reports for; I am always eager to see what is in store for us next! With CreateVoice                                                                                                                         there is never a dull moment.

Joseph Ovenden
Favourite V&A Object: Set Design by Oliver Messel   
The V&A seems to have an ever expanding collection. I could spend a lifetime wandering from room to room and when I heard about Create Voice I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. I have been a member of create voice since March 2012. 

I am hoping to do set Design in the future and will be studding it next year in sixth form. Even though I have not been a member very long I have already had some amazing opportunities. I have been around the V&A Theatre and Performance archives at Blythe house and have helped out with a Create Late.  Also looking forward to all the projects in the future.