What We Do

We are a friendly, informal and diverse collective of 16 -24 year olds. Together we share our enthusiasm for art and design, and an interest in museums and culture.  We meet regularly to develop our broad range of interests and skills. CreateVoice is a free programme.

What we do:

Gain useful experience, contacts and skills to strengthen career chances in the creative industries.

Take part in workshops and projects with artists, designers, makers and curators and discuss our own work.

Lead CreateTours of exhibitions and galleries in the Museum.

Write articles and reviews of exhibitions and events, published on this blog.

Produce trails, films and other resources for young people.

Visit other museums and cultural organisations.

Organise festivals, conferences and events, giving a platform for young people and professionals to debate, critique and showcase ideas.

Encourage more young people to take part in the Museum.

Get involved in other Create! programmes and V&A projects.