05 October 2016

LDF16: Graphics and Music: Past, Present and Future

Every year, the London Design Festival brings design professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to London for events, workshops, talks, pop-ups, installations and much more. The Victoria and Albert Museum acts as a hub for the festival, hosting new artworks and a wide programme of events celebrating the ever-changing design industry. CreateVoice members were kindly invited to attend some of these events and share their own perspectives.

Reviewed: A Masterclass from Jonathan Barnbrook on his graphic design work including his collaboration with David Bowie, and the 'Music: Past, Present and Future' Panel Discussion which took place on Saturday 17 September.

Album Artwork for Heathen, 2002 via Dezeen

Humans love touching things. While music as an immaterial entity that cannot be touched, graphic design has the power to make it tangible through visual interpretation. On this note, three people from three generations were invited to the V&A to discuss this theme and to present their work: Designer and artist Nigel Waymouth, creator of iconic artwork for bands and musicians such as Pink Floyd or The Who in the 1960s, graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook, best known for his album covers for David Bowie, and singer songwriter Beatie Wolfe who experiments with creating tangible electronic album formats. Following the panel discussion, Jonathan Barnbrook gave a more in-depth insight into his practice. While a large part of his ninety minutes centred on the different stages of his collaboration with David Bowie, he also spoke about his political work with Banksy.

Thanks to the LDF team for arranging such enjoyable events!

Words: Evelin Arweck
Images: © Barnbrook

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