30 March 2013

David Bowie is... A Lad Insane

Arriving at the V&A on Friday 22nd March, the museum was buzzing with an exceptional number of milling crowds, which could have been surprising (the Friday Late was last last night) had it not been for the members' preview of the long-awaited David Bowie retrospective 'David Bowie is...'

Geoffrey Marsh is the Director of the Theatre and Performance Department at the museum, and is a co-curator of the Bowie retrospective: his enthusiasm for this particular exhibition was absolutely charming. Having been giving talks all day to members of the V&A, members of CreateVoice were fortunate that Geoffrey Marsh was able to stop by and discuss his role at the museum, and divulge exactly how such a show-stopping exhibition is curated.

If you go to the exhibition, you will be able to feast your eyes on over 300 items from David Bowie's archives, chosen by the curators from thousands of objects held in storage in New York. Having been granted unlimited access to Bowie's private archives, the V&A team were tasked with sorting through a vast quantity of objects - from sketches on napkins to the custom-made costumes you'll see on the posters - Geoffrey even joked that it's easy to believe David Jones has kept everything he has ever owned, and with an archiving system that Marsh suggests even outperforms that of the V&A, the collection is incredibly well archived.
The exhibition itself explores the identities created and performed by the London Boy born as David Jones, looking at exactly who David Bowie "is" (an exhibition title Geoffrey revealed was created by legendary music journalist Paul Morley - who intends to write an entire book on Bowie during a two-day period at the museum: worth checking out!). The art of provoking a reaction through self-presentation is something which has inspired many artists, and makes Bowie so worthwhile as an V&A exhibition subject: the performance aspect of many artist's work is important because of Bowie's legacy, but with Bowie, he is the performance.

Join CreateVoice members at the Bowie Weekender - programme here

See 'David Bowie is...' at the Victoria and Albert museum until August 11th - advanced booking recommended!

Words: Rachel May

25 March 2013

The Dialogue Cafe Project

After three months of email exchanges and equipment testing over the period of gluttony, the Dialogue Cafe project officially sailed off at the Victoria and Abert Museum on the evening of Wednesday, 19th February, the date that marked the first of two sessions with participants from different countries.

The Dialogue Cafe enterprise promotes city-to-city exchanges and multi-city events through its provision of efficient, web-conferencing technology. These sessions are aimed at promoting learning, sharing and
collaboration between all parties.

We, the Youth Panel at the Victoria and Albert Museum, invited two institutions to join in on our very first open video-discussion. Representatives from Musee de L’Art Moderne and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in our neighbour Paris and students from Cleveland Institute of Art, Case Western Reserve University and MOCA Cleveland were participants on the day with Strategic Research & Insight Consultant, Brett Booth from THE OVOID, guest-starring as moderator for our debate topic: ‘Representation of the Body - art & design, culture & sports’.

Although all three cities were given the same topic prior to the session, we managed to present some very stimulating and rather different view points and examples throughout the discussion. Together, we managed to not only widen each others’ outlooks beyond our own societal and cultural gender assumptions and stereotypes but also see, and understand better, the obvious differences between the cities through their discussion points and mannerisms.

Despite ending the conference on time at a pre-agreed time limit of two hours, the three cities agreed that the session could have been easily extended as our interpersonal dynamics were building up and information exchange became increasingly interesting as minutes went on. Overall, it was an extremely insightful session that will potentially lead us to further (and near-future) collaborative opportunities with the other cities.

For some of the ideas discussed, look at the #dcafeyouth hashtag on Twitter!

Words: Katrina Too

13 March 2013

Keith Harrison Project

A couple of weeks ago some of us had the opportunity to participate a project with Keith Harrison - one of the Victoria and Albert Museum's ceramicists in residence. We started on Saturday with a little introduction, - Keith showed us some of his past works and explained his plans for an exciting upcoming project, the concept behind which is; 'Collective Action for a new perspective'. The idea for our project with Keith was to build a structure next to, or over a famous ceramic work. Not only to look to it from another point of view, but also to surpass the piece of art in a way, taking inspiration in the Architecture gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum. We began working in pairs to make a basic model with clay and bamboo sticks, It was great fun to do! We ended up with four exciting models and to conclude the first day - discussed the ideas we had.
The aim of the Sunday workshop was to build a larger model of our proposed ideas. On Sunday we made progress on building the real sculpture. Every group had different ways of approaching the brief and different idea’s so we ended up with greatly contrasting sculptures. They were all large-scale and primarily made of paper sticks and clay. We were all pleased with the results, which brought some new life into a previously quiet room at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
I think Keith's creative thought processes were very interesting as well as his concept behind the project which was to 'get over a famous piece of art', by just literally making a physical structure to 'get over it'. Being involved with this project has encouraged me to look differently at how I approach making art. Making use of creativity to take over a room was really interesting and Keith Harrison was engaging and enthusiastic to work with.              

For more information on Keith Harrison click: Here
and for more information on upcoming CreateVoice events click; Here

Words: Romy Snijders

07 March 2013

CreateVoice presents... Gamechangers

This Friday the Victoria and Albert Museum plays host to our next event, Game Changers. We've been working on the programme for a couple of months based around the topic of Sport and Design. The programme has an amazing line up, with workshops by design consultancy IDEO, bicycle design classes by Ben Wilson and inspiring talks from Central St Martin's lecturers on technofabrics and their introduction into sportswear and fashion - along with lots of other great events! For the full programme click here

Everything is free, so just drop in on the night!
10% off in the V&A shop
Opportunity to win a pair of  Schwings

You can follow updates of the night or even join in on Twitter by using the hashtag #gamechangers13
For more CreateVoice updates search #createvoice on Twitter

CreateVoice presents... Game Changers
Friday 8 March 18:00-21:00